Furnish With Style – About Rattan

Rattan is a classic furniture material that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with increased interest in outdoor living in recent years. As a material, Rattan has many benefits – which we will examine in this article. Interestingly, and perhaps even fairly often furnishing materials, rattan is a type of vine. As such, harvesting the plant has minimal environmental benefit compared to widespread tree felling. The vines are cut and dried, and the core of the vine is then used to weave and construct various items of furniture. Although it’s possible to make an item of furniture entirely out of rattan, it is more common for traditional timbers to be used in the construction for a little additional strength.

Because of it’s nature rattan furniture is very light, and it lends itself to outdoor furniture than can be easily moved or draged around at will to accommodate casual social gatherings. Because of the slightly flexible nature of rattan, this furniture has a slight spring which makes settling in an extra comfy experience! A rattan recliner by the pool is a great place to collapse and chill out. Rattan has the additional benefit of weather resistance. It ca be safely left outside in either full sun or heavy rain with little ill effect. However for the most protection, consider a coat of paint or UV resistant varnish. This will ensure that your piece of furniture lasts for years to come.

Rattan comes in a huge range of different items, and it is easy to assemble an entire outdoor set. However one interesting use is to use it for your indoor furnishings as well. In a contemporary home, a rattan sofa or set of recliners will be a novel yet comfortable way to add an exotic touch to a lounge room!

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