Ways to Decorate Rattan Furniture at Home

For a long time, rattan has been used as a raw material for furniture at home. The popularity of rattan is not only in Indonesia, but also to various countries around the world.

The popularity of rattan furniture nowadays is growing along with the popularity of boho-style interior designs and decorations. Rattan furniture is also suitable to be combined with modern and minimalist home designs.

Here are 5 simple ways to use rattan furniture to complement your home decor.

  1. Living Room

Trendy rattan frames or traditional rattan weaving? You can have both. A rattan table placed in the middle of a rattan chair can complement the natural texture and chic style into the room.

  1. Dining Room

This natural look arrangement is proof that wicker furniture is not devoted to boho homes. Rattan chairs match other accents in the home, while giving a sophisticated touch to your dining room setting.

  1. Lighting

Rattan light fixtures such as large pendants, will look charming in your home. Light in a variety of sizes, perfect for either in the entrance lobby or on the dining table.

  1. Outdoor

Rattan furniture, such as this hanging chair, will give your outdoor a tropical resort-style feel. Perfect for relaxing or entertaining. Place on the terrace of the house or garden that is suitable for the existence of a hanging chair.

  1. Children’s room

Rattan furniture will add a cheerful and relaxing impression to a bedroom or children’s room. Such as bassinet and pretty cabinet that are available for all stages of life. Combine rattan furniture with natural textures and earth colours. You can also add decorations to your child’s playroom such as the animal wall head. Also toys made of rattan and of course safe for children to use

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