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Natural Rattan Miscellaneous | Wicker Miscellaneous Furniture

Rattan Miscellaneous furniture is a collection of Cirebon rattan that contains a variety of furniture and small complementary home decor. These various forms of additional furniture, starting from the tray, buffet, Mirror, Bench, Rattan Basket and others.

Various natural rattan materials in Cirebon are united to make this miscellaneous furniture. There are wickers, rattan cores, rattan peels, water hyacinth and other natural materials. Then finished with various types of finishing such as natural finishing, hubcap finishing or glossy finishing.

Rattan basket from Cirebon, Indonesia

Cirebon which is the largest rattan wicker producer in Indonesia and even in Asia always releases various kinds of Natural Rattan Furniture products, in the form of chairs, rattan tables, rattan sofas, rattan basket and others. It is not wrong to say that Cirebon is the home of rattan craftsmen. Because various kinds of rattan handicrafts in the form of rattan chairs can be found in one of these cities in West Java, Indonesia.

Various kinds of rattan furniture have been made by Cirebon craftsmen, ranging from bistro chairs, rattan core chairs, random wicker chairs, hanging chairs and others. Judging from the many types of plaiting, Cirebon also has a lot of plaiting types than in other cities. So, it never hurts to try to pour your inspiration for the design of your chair to us who have been in the world of rattan furniture for years.