Scandinavian Rattan Furniture style are still just as hot as ever

Chair 2 scandinavian

Natural rattan furniture is going up lately and in Indonesia natural rattan is one of the natural resources used for furniture such as wood.Therefore,natural rattan furniture has grown has long been developed since the tradional model and developed rapidly in the era of modern design.

Scandinavian Natural Rattan Furniture by Cirebon Rattan

Cirebon in West Java – Indonesia as well known as supplier for natural rattan furniture so they are develop rattan furniture with up-to-date design or modernism approach but still rely on craftmanship and simple technology but can reach with wholesaler

Now,some of design were appeared to Rattan Natural Furniture including Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design marked by clean lines, functional ,mostly used natural material that is natural rattan,or combined with other material such as iron,wood and with modern style approach.

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