Established in 1993, we have over 28 years of experience in making furniture with high quality rattan, both natural rattan and synthetic rattan, children’s furniture, decorative lighting and home accessories that can be used for indoor or outdoor use. We are a rooted company with a strong set of core values and good track record. We have grown steadily to arrive at where we are at today. This already achieved through strong, sound management and a commitment to honour the promises we make to our customers, our people and everyone else with whom we have a relationship

We carry over hundred designs of furniture suitable for public and personal spaces. Our designers always assess customer wants and needs before finally producing unique and artistic contemporary furniture pieces that we can be proud of as our hallmark. With warehousing facility in our very own, we are both a stockist as well as a company that accepts customisation. Customers are welcome to visit our warehousing to experience the furniture pieces or speak to a sales advisor.

All our furniture are handmade products, manufactured by skilful hand, and experienced so present high aesthetics and its own unique character. Every part of the product development process, from design to production and packaging to long-term impact is carefully considered. In installation, our team will always be willing to assist you in creating the perfect space. Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful experience and keep you coming back for your future furniture purchases. We believe that when you choose a piece made by us, a relationship begins.

Below is brief information about us:
PT. Wirasindo Santakarya
Rattan Division under Wisanka Group
Jl. Kisabalanang No. 46, Desa Kertasari, Weru, Cirebon 45154, West Java, Indonesia
+62 231 325 451

Products : Furniture, Decorative Lighting and Craft.
Specialty : Contemporary Design
Material   : Solid wood, MDF, Wood Veneer, Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum,  PVC, Resin, Shell, Natural Fibers, Natural Rattan, Synthetic Rattan, and others.
Prod. Capacity : 7 x 40HC containers per month
Warehouse : 4.500 m2