Why Choose Us

At Cirebon Rattan we take time to understand the needs of our customers, as this is a part of our service. We strive to make every furniture item our customers request feel special and different. Unique and exclusive designs are what needs to be different and incomparable with others. Our designer team knows how to translate what you have in mind into a customized design upon your request. Cirebon Rattan even goes beyond your expectation. We understand this and put as much effort into your experience as we do your custom piece.

We have over 28 years of experience and our reputation already built on our exceptional level of service. Cirebon Rattan is one of the specialists in furniture and interior design solutions and this is reflected in the degree of repeat and referral business we manage, together with the number of high profile property companies who partner with us. We believe that Cirebon Rattan can play an active role in maximising the return on your property investment.

For further information, or to talk to one of our R&D teams about custom design your furniture, please click the tab below.