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Songket Rattan Basket | Songket Wicker Basket

Songket Rattan Basket is a basket product made from natural rattan with songket woven from Lombok. It has a duo-tone color variation in the rattan material, making this Rattan Basket not monotone, and more modern. Without leaving the classic and ethnic impression, this natural rattan basket can also add to the beauty of your classic or modern room. In addition, the main function of a basket where something like fruit is not reduced for this type of superior product.

This Rattan Basket is made of rattan core and peel rattan, which have their respective advantages and patterns. But in the process, we always use high quality standards to ensure the best basket product results.

Rattan Baskets from Cirebon, Indonesia

Rattan Basket is one of the best selling basketery products from Cirebon. Rattan core, peel and kubu is type of natural rattan that is often found in Cirebon, Indonesia. Most rattan craftsmen in Cirebon in particular and Indonesia in general use many types of rattan strongholds to make basket products.