Liana Floor Lamp – Natural Rattan Standing Lamp

Introducing the Liana Floor Lamp Collection – Natural Rattan Elegance: Elevate your space with the enchanting Liana Floor Lamp series, featuring exquisite natural rattan wicker shades that infuse warmth and organic charm into any nature-inspired interior. Available in various sizes, these standing lamps effortlessly combine decorative flair with functional illumination. Their simple yet striking cylindrical design allows for versatile placement, making them ideal for cozy corners, task lighting, or dramatic ambiance. Craft a harmonious home atmosphere by pairing them with our complementary rattan furniture pieces, all while enjoying the soothing glow and style they bring to every corner of your room.

Large : H159 x W35 x D535(cm)
Medium : H137 x W35 x D535(cm)
Small : H120 x W35 x D535(cm)