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ICRA Exhibition Interior and Craft 2019 in Jakarta

Icra 2019 | Interior and craft | Icra Exhibition | Icra Exhibition 2019

ICRA exhibition, The National Interior and Craft was held again. This year, ICRA 2019 is an  important event for the interior and craft world. Displaying products ranging from home decor to souvenirs, this event takes place on 2-6 October 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). CIREBON RATTAN | WISANKA | PIGUNO AT ICRA EXHIBITION […]

Advantages of Rattan Furniture from Indonesia

If you are interested in refurnishing your home or patio area, then don’t make a move without first giving rattan furniture from Indonesia a look. There are so many ways that wicker furniture can brighten your home. Here are four of the greatest advantages you will find: Strength that stands up over time: When you […]

Scandinavian Rattan Furniture style are still just as hot as ever

Chair 2 scandinavian

Natural rattan furniture is going up lately and in Indonesia natural rattan is one of the natural resources used for furniture such as wood.Therefore,natural rattan furniture has grown has long been developed since the tradional model and developed rapidly in the era of modern design. Cirebon in West Java – Indonesia as well known as […]

How to Buy Wholesale Rattan Furniture

Retailers will want to put some thought into which manufacturer they choose to purchase rattan furniture from. There are a number of companies that export this type of furniture. You will find that these pieces are comprised of many different materials, including cane, kubu, cabana, and abaca. All of these are great styles of furniture […]

Natural Wicker & Rattan for the Deck – The Original Eco-Friendly Furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture are made of natural materials found in Southeast Asia, and both make popular outdoor patio furniture. Because they are not derived from the scarce resources of wood, both rattan and wicker are good for the environment. Rattan is the name of a particular plant that grows to several hundred feet high […]

Rattan, Bamboo, and Other Plant Fiber As Furniture Material

Furniture with natural material finishing usually will attract some people, not only because of its natural impression but also because of its exclusivity. It becomes more special if the designer creates the unique design furniture, when using natural material like rattan, bamboo, and plant fiber. Cane work (wicker) and the flexibility of rattan style become […]

Cirebon Rattan Furniture Indonesia dengan Harga Termurah

Cirebon Rattan itu apa? Cirebon Rattan adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang furniture rotan dari kota Cirebon, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Kami memproduksi berbagai macam produk berbahan rotan seperti, kursi rotan, meja rotan, kursi malas rotan dan produk lainnya. Kami selalu mengembangkan desain produk furniture rotan kami dari kebutuhan pelanggan kami. Semua furniture kami adalah […]

Furniture Rotan Indonesia

Dalam rangka menampilkan hasil terbaik dari desain produk industri furniture rotan dan kerajinan rotan Indonesia serta peningkatan promosi dan pemasaran pengembangan industri pengolah rotan nasional maka diadakan pameran Produk Furniture Rotan dan Kerajinan Rotan Indonesia, pameran ini diikuti oleh produsen furniture dan kerajinan rotan Indonesia,yang tergabung dalam anggota ASMINDO dan AMKRI. Pameran ini diselenggarakan dari […]

Tips For Buying Quality Wholesale Rattan Furniture

If you want to buy wholesale rattan furniture, then it is important to have all the information. Rattan furniture is certainly climbing in popularity. There are numerous people all over the world who are interested in putting a few pieces in their homes. Getting rattan furniture is easy enough, however it’s critical that you not […]

What Are The Advantages Of Rattan Plastic Furniture?

Not all rattan plastic furniture should be looked at with a dubious eye. Some of the materials that are currently being produced are actually better for the environment, more affordable. While you cannot depend on every selection to beat the all weather natural furniture that is out there. You can enjoy many of the same […]