Contemporary Chaise Lounge – The Perfect Way to Transform Your Home

You may think the phrase ‘contemporary chaise lounge’ is a contradiction in terms.

Yes indeed, and these classically styled antique chaise lounge are still popular and a delight to the eye. But the fact is that the chaise lounger is such an ending (and enduring) piece of furniture that it consistently keeps reappearing in a dazzling set of modern designs.

First, let’s look at what they are exactly.

A chaise lounge is a reworking of the French phrase chaise longue which means ‘long chair’. It’s essentially an item of furniture about the size of a day bed but with a raised back to sprawl back on. It’s the perfect piece for someone who needs to relax altogether.

While Louis XV reclined on an ornately brocaded chaise lounge, today’s style-conscious homeowners can choose modern creations in chrome or steel and suede or leather that would be at home on the Starship Enterprise.

Contemporary chaise lounges tend to differ from their ancestors in many ways. For one thing, they’re oftenarmless. This gives them that sleek modern minimalist look.

Another difference is in the range of colors used. Modern items are often created in bold primary colors or else simple black and white. They resemble works of modern art with sinuous lines and stylish curves.

One frequent feature in the contemporary item is a padded headrest to allow the user to really lie back in comfort. Other stylistic touches include removable cushions which allow you to instantly makeover the appearance of your lounger.

You can find contemporary chaise lounges for your patio or pool, too. These are made from lightweight aluminum, tubular steel, plastic or natural wicker or rattan.

So if you’ve ever wanted a piece of furniture for your living room or bedroom that allowed you to chill out in total relaxation, look into getting a contemporary chaise lounge. You can find them in a wide range of styles to suit every home.

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