IFEX 2023 is the Indonesia International Furniture Expo, which is annually carried out by the Indonesian Government once a year. The Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia routinely holds this exhibition to facilitate small and medium industries. In the current era, the trend is sustainable products, so products originating from Indonesia with raw materials such as teak, mahogany, wood, rattan, a combination of wood and metal, water hyacinth and others are becoming sustainable products.

IFEX is one of the biggest exhibitions held in Indonesia. Based on data from January to September 2022, the Indonesian furniture and craft market will continue to grow. This was due to the large number of craftsmen and natural wealth products originating from Indonesia. Based on 2022, the export value of the furniture industry will increase to 7.05%. This was proven during IFEX 2022, since the first day it visited by many buyers and visitors. Specifically to see the superior products of the Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry. Hope from this data, we can hope that will have bigger and better for IFEX 2023.

The existence of IFEX is often a positive thing for the Indonesian furniture and craft industry, one of which is Wisanka. Wisanka is one of the furniture industries for children and adults, as well as lighting, home decorations with rattan, teak, mahogany, and other materials. At IFEX 2023, Wisanka has two booths, to make it easier for buyers to find the things they need. This our product base on speciality and can see the overall quality of the goods.

Wisanka at IFEX 2023 : Indonesia International Furniture Expo

Booth in Hall A.037A which is a booth with a Bohemian / Boho style feel and outdoor with synthetic materials and rope. Usually with a bohemian feel, the main material used is rattan. Because it still carries the theme of Product Sustainability. This year we will install furniture for the living room, dining room along with home decorations. Meanwhile for D. 040 will be display wooden furniture.

IFEX often used as a venue for finding new vendors by buyers and visitors. So it is our great hope that by participating in IFEX in 2023 the Indonesian furniture industry can increase revenue, and get new buyers to export furniture.

Let’s visit to our booth in Hall A.037A and D.040, find your best quality furniture.

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