Rattan Furniture is Sustainable and Eco Friendly – Furniture is one of those purchases that will have a long-term impact on your home. Both aesthetically, and on the health of that home’s inhabitants. Therefore, it is worth doing research on what best fits your style and who makes it in a more sustainable way.

Rattan furniture is one of kind furniture and commonly available during the summer for its warm, natural look. Easily confused with other wickerwork furniture, rattan’s distinctive appearance is especially popular style. However does that mean rattan is eco-friendly and sustainable?

Natural, or real, rattan furniture is sustainable. But there are concerns about how rattan is always treat with synthetic chemicals like diesel.

More prominently is the confusion between natural rattan and synthetic rattan. As many sellers capitalize on confusion by describing plastic rattan furniture with the same name as the plant.

Rattan is friendly material for environment

Growing rattan is not bad for the environment, and it is ecofriendly. Yet, the common methods of harvesting and processing the plant are. There is also a common misunderstanding between natural and synthetic rattan, which often encourages the purchase of synthetic rattan furniture.

Sometime rattan threatened with overexploitation in areas it grows naturally. Though some rattan can halt deforestation by providing higher income than timber. In other places rattan can cause deforestation as people attempt to grow more at the expense of natural biodiversity.

Product Rattan Furniture

For current time we spending a lot of time in our home for the sake of health might have you asking, “Is the environment in your home, healthy enough?” At risk of sounding alarmist, most traditional home furnishings made with unsustainable (and toxic) materials that may pose risk to you, your family, and the environment.

It’s our goal to lighten your load by making your furniture needed as sustainable and environmentally friendly as can be. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and safe focal point for your home, check out this brand’s high-quality, durable, and timeless furniture that gives off both modern and rustic vibes.

With something to fill any room and match any style, choose between tables, seating, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, storage items, media stands, and home office pieces. They even have commercial furniture available to put the “awe” in “office”.

What we produce is ecofriendly and sustainable products. Fyi, our company has been making handmade furniture for more than 20 years, it’s only been in the past five that they shifted to using reclaimed materials.

Common materials include special-blend lightweight rattan with hand-welded metal,(which features naturally-occuring knots, cracks, weathering, splits, and nail holes for character).

All the toxin-free furniture pieces are finished with no or low VOC eco-friendly finishes. So, in conclusion our Rattan Furniture is Sustainable and Eco Friendly.