Whether it’s for global pandemic reasons or others, for current time we spend a lot of time at home. The more sustainable you can make it with rattan material, the more healthy your immediate environment will be! And implementing small shifts in your behavior, products, or consumption habits will ripple outwards to make a bigger positive impact for the planet.

Decorate Your Home

Decorating is how we add our personality to a space. Infuse it with our unique energy and make it feel like home. You can add so much life to a bland, dull room. And bring in so much comfort just by adding a few decorative items. Plus, these days, there are so many cool decorations and accessories you can buy to adorn your home. Before you get too carried away, there are some things you may want to think about. Especially if being green and natural are priorities to you. You’ll also want to consider your budget and what you can afford to spend right away. So here are some ideas to help you in your home decorating journey to keep things green.

Rattan as Sustainable Material - Chair Terrace Set
Rattan as Sustainable Material – Chair Terrace Set

Think of yourself like a tree trying to shade a home. As one tree, you can make some definite impact and at certain times of the day. You will cast a strong patch of shade across the roof of the house. But if you had a group of trees next to you, dotted around the property, you would create a forest, and this would bring far more shade, oxygen and comfort to everything.

Wooden Furniture

A piece of wooden furniture whether it’s a table, chair or lighting can give your décor some organic flair, however, not all wooden furniture may be nature-friendly. You can do your bit to help combat deforestation by buying wooden furniture obtained from sustainable forests. Buy furniture made from teak, mahogany or rattan that gives your room a welcoming accent without damaging the planet.

Rattan as Sustainable Material - Rattan Kids Furniture & Decor
Rattan as Sustainable Material – Rattan Kids Furniture & Decor

Rattan as Sustainable Material

Once relegated to a “beach décor” aesthetic, rattan, wicker and bamboo have become one of favorite furniture. It’s a natural, sustainable material that has a hint of a bohemian vibe, but can be found in almost any decorating style. Their unpretentious nature makes them very comfortable and down to earth. Also common in global décor, this type of cut is mostly casual, although some can be more traditional when made from heavier polished bamboo and rattan.

Over time, sustainable material has become one of the preferred materials for the community. With a strong natural impression, furniture with sustainable material also has a high aesthetic value that can be combined with any home concept.