Tips Hanging Lamp for Your Home – The role of hanging lamps is not only for lighting, but also as decorative lights that will add to the beauty of your home. Hanging lamps have a different design than ordinary lamps.

However, it will be strange and unsuitable if you are wrong in choosing it. Hanging lamp should give the impression of being elegant, unique, or as accessories to beautify the room.

Well, here are Tips Hanging Lamp for Your Home the considerations that you can use when choosing a decorative pendant or chandelier for your home.

1. Considerations according to interior style

To apply a hanging lamp to your home, first determine what impression you want to create from the hanging lamp. Choose a colour that matches your room. For a home with a modern classic style, you should choose a hanging lamp with lots of ornaments or details.


2. Consideration according to ceiling height

If the room in your house has high ceilings, choose a hanging lamp that extends downward. But don’t let the length of the chandelier exceed a third of the room’s height. If the ceiling in your house is very high, you will need to hang the lamp above the free space, so that it can reach half the height of the room.


3.Consider by size

Do not let you mistake the size of the hanging lamp for your home. The small size will make the lighting dim. It is almost useless if it forces it to be implemented. If you mistakenly choose a lamp that is too big, it will also give off a strange impression. The right way to do it before buying is to measure the length of the room plus the width of the room.


4.Considerations of material

There are many materials used to make a hanging lamp, each of which will give a different impression. Instead, choose a hanging lamp that also functions as a decorative lamp in accordance with the concept of the room you are going to create.

Not a few people who will buy a hanging lamp, are often confused to choose what kind of lamp. Consulting with the seller is a solution to getting the right lamp. Now, with this information, of course it will make it easier for you to choose your own type of hanging lamp according to your home, right?