One important baby equipment is a baby bassinet or baby crib. However, there is a lot of ignorance of new parents so mistakes often occur when choosing a baby bassinets. Being a new parent is not as easy as it seems. When the couple will become parents, of course they will be very happy and prepare all the equipment to the maximum. As a prospective parent, it’s a good idea to prepare a safe and comfortable baby bassinet for baby’s growth and development. Below are some of the mistakes that often occur in new parents when choosing a baby bassinet, what are they?

Use of a baby Bassinet for generations

The use of bassinets will not be long, because when the child has begun to grow large, the bassinet will definitely be abandoned. One way to save expenses when going to have a baby is to use hereditary equipment. The same is true for baby bassinets. With a fairly expensive price, bassinets are usually used many times over several generations. However, parents often forget that baby bassinets that are years old will decrease in quality and endurance. That can be dangerous for your baby. The comfort provided is also different from the new baby bassinet. So, you should use a bassinet for no more than two generations.

The safety factor

Having a baby is certainly new parents want to buy everything that is funny and adorable for their baby. This is not wrong, but still must pay attention to the safety and safety of babies. For example, choose a baby’s crib with slats that are not too big so the baby’s head cannot pass the distance between the bassinet slats.

Using iron material for a baby bassinet

One of the characteristics of a safe baby bassinet is a bassinet with stainless steel or wood materials. Avoid iron material because metal bassinets can eventually rust. This certainly will endanger the health of the baby. Especially if exposed to sensitive baby’s skin. Rusty iron is very likely to cause injury to infection. For better security we provide a variety of bassinet with natural rattan materials. You can choose our bassinet rattan collection in the kids furniture category product. Or you can also contact us directly via email or contact us to get a catalog from our rattan bassinet.

Use a bassinet without a door

Most new parents have thoughts of having a bassinet that is comfortable for the baby, but also makes it easy for them. So, many people choose to use bassinets with push doors that can be opened all the way to the bottom of the bed. Babies who are learning to crawl may have an accident like falling if the door to the baby’s bassinet is not locked properly. It would be nice to use a baby crib with a double safety lock or a bassinet without a door at all.

Baby bassinet size

Often parents buy baby bassinets only for temporary use and choose a small baby bassinet, even looking at a newborn baby is not too large in size. But did you know that the size of the baby bassinet that is too small can cause the baby to stress? Instead, choose a baby bassinet with a size that matches the baby’s weight. Not too big but not too small.

Low bassinet

Having a low bassinet really makes it easy for parents to move with their babies, such as breastfeeding, changing diapers or holding when crying at night. But baby growth is very fast making a relatively low baby bassinet is uncomfortable. The child who is getting older and more active can pass through the baby bassinet and jump out. This is certainly very dangerous for baby’s safety. So, you should choose a bassinet with a barrier high enough, so it is not possible for babies to crawl out of the bassinet.

Ignore the thickness of the baby mat mattress

This one seems to often escape the attention of parents, especially new parents, namely paying attention to the thickness of the bassinet. It is recommended that parents choose a baby bassinet from which the mattress can be removed and replaced so that the thickness of the mat can be adjusted to the age of the child. When new born, it doesn’t matter if you use a mattress that is thick enough, but as the baby grows, it should be replaced with a thinner one to avoid the baby being able to stand on the mat and jump out over the edge of the bassinet with the help of the height of the mat.

Use a mattress and pillow that is too soft in a bassinet

Perhaps many parents who consider babies synonymous with quality baby gear and soft. For example soft baby blankets, soft pillows or downy dolls. In fact, these items must be avoided to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or sudden infant death syndrome.

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