Many homeowners pay little attention to rattan furniture in stores because they underestimate the strengths of rattan. Cane is a very versatile material and can be used in manufacturing all kinds of furniture. Rattan furniture is so strong and durable that it can complement furniture in any home and suit a wide variety of settings. Here, we have identified 5 settings :

Setting 1: In the living room

Rattan can be used to create large pieces of furniture such as a sofa set. An entire sofa set can be crafted from cane. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of cane options, including synthetic rattan (very popular these days). If synthetic rattan is used, you can expect the furniture to come in various colors. Synthetic cane closely resembles the real thing and shares similar characteristics.

Setting 2: In the study room

You can buy a study table with rattan chairs and place them in the study room. Alternatively, you can purchase a study table made from sturdy wood such as teak or oak and then acquire a rattan lounge chair to place in a corner. The entire study room will offer comfort and exude a natural feel. The combination of rattan and wood can create that natural look.

Setting 3: In the dining room

The dining room is another area to consider. You can have a rattan dining table or a set of wicker chairs. The dining room will then be dominated by furniture made from cane. You can also experiment with other furniture types and attempt to mix and match, but ensure they don’t overshadow the primary furniture sets—the dining table. Try placing a vase of flowers on the table or hanging a nature-themed picture on the wall. This will create a comfortable atmosphere, enhancing the pleasant experience of dining.

Setting 4: In the garden.

Rattan has uses beyond indoor applications. As the material is very robust, it can withstand harsh outdoor elements. This is one of rattan’s greatest strengths, as other materials tend to rust or rot when exposed to the outdoors. The constant exposure to external elements can be too much to bear. If you enjoy spending time in the garden, consider placing a table and a set of chairs outdoors. Rattan’s lightweight nature enables easy movement of the furniture. Simply relocate the furniture to a sheltered area of the garden when not in use to prolong its lifespan.

Setting 5: Beside the swimming pool.

You may have already thought of this. Since rattan is great for outdoor use, why not place a few pieces beside the swimming pool? Manufacturers design rattan chairs specifically for poolside use.Now you can enjoy a good sun tan by the poolside!