This is a sustainable solutions for your living spaces decoration. With climate change and other environmental problems that the Earth is facing in the 21st century. It is everyone’s responsibility to think about sustainability when building or renovating their homes. This is especially true for indoor interiors as well as outdoor living spaces where people get closer to nature while spending time with family and friends.

If you plan to upgrade your home such as a living room, dining room, bedroom, front yard, patio, backyard, or any other outdoor area of your home. And you want to make the most negligible environmental impact, you can achieve this goal. By following these sustainable solutions for your home. Here are some solutions that you can apply:

Sustainable Solutions for Your Living Spaces Decoration

Nature As Decoration

In order for your decor to have a low impact on the environment. You may want to consider using things that you can easily find in nature. Such as bouquets made of dried flowers, twigs and leaves from your garden. It can be used as a room sweetener combined with flowerpots made of rattan. It can even be used as a decoration in your home.

You can also make decorations for the table, or crafts for your child’s room and all of them are made of rattan. If you need to buy new furniture for your indoor or outdoor living room. You may want to buy from a brand that uses sustainable raw materials. For example, if you look at an interesting collection of furniture. You will find products that use sustainable materials that are suitable for use in your home.

Energy Saving

Many house have turned to energy-saving lamps to save on electricity costs and help protect the environment. However, you can go a step further by using 100% solar powered lights on your patio, yard, poolside, or fence. In addition to energy efficient lamps, you can reduce your environmental impact by choosing lighting devices such as lampshades made of wood and rattan. In addition to contributing to the environment, sustainable and eco-green materials are currently trending materials. You can use it for natural and beach style interiors.

Outdoor Space Design

One of the important trends in 2021 is to design an outdoor area that looks like an extension of the indoor space. As people are confined to their homes due to the 2020 pandemic, many have decided to renovate their yards to spend more time outdoors.

If you intend to build a new deck, gazebo, children’s play area, or a wider space to entertain guests, it’s a good idea to pay more attention to the building materials you will use. You can recycle and reuse tiles, old wood, soil and stone for your new outdoor space for more sustainable construction. However, if you need to buy new construction materials, try your best to either get them locally to minimize your carbon footprint or find environmentally friendly materials that are responsibly sourced.

For types of furniture such as chairs and tables, wood and rattan materials combined with iron can be used as your reference in purchasing furniture. Choose furniture that is easy to move to several corners and is comfortable to use for people of all ages.

Garden and Tree

Trees are very important in a sustainable home. So, remember to incorporate it into your landscape or garden design. The more trees, the better because they can suppress strong winds during the winter, provide shade during the summer, provide shelter for insects and local wildlife, and improve the air you breathe. Put some planters in the corner of your terrace, front yard and backyard. Planter with sustainable materials is very attractive to every eye that sees it. Especially if you include beautiful flowering plants.

Children’s Playroom

If your home has more space, you can use it as a children’s playroom. So as not to disturb your guests when your child invites them to play. To fill the children’s playroom furniture, you have to be smart in choosing. Choose the type of furniture that is safe to use for your child. It doesn’t smell of chemicals, the corners won’t hurt your child’s body, and it’s not too heavy. This type of rattan material is very suitable as furniture to fill your child’s playroom. You don’t have to worry about your child bothering you just to ask to move heavy furniture, because rattan is lighter than other materials.

Those are sustainable solutions for your living spaces that you might need as your reference in decorating your home.