Rattan Furniture Arrangement with Focus Point – Rattan furniture has a prominent characteristic. If you pay attention to this sustainable and eco-green material, rattan furniture looks unique with a variety of woven shapes attached to it. From just looking at the shape of the wicker, we can already guess that it is rattan. Besides being unique, rattan furniture is also suitable to be combined with any interior style.

If you’re not sure how to do wicker rattan furniture arrangement in your living room, dining room, or other room, orient the seating so that it takes advantage of whatever view your room has to offer, whether it’s a flower vase or a window.

Combine Rattan With Different Styles

For a new atmosphere at home, combine rattan furniture with unique patterned carpets/floors, pillows, green plants, flower plants, and other rattan furniture that looks different from the surrounding furniture.

Rattan Bench for Room Corner

To make relaxing and playing activities more fun, create a comfortable area for reading, playing, or just relaxing in the corner of the room. Place pillows and blankets on the bench for added comfort. Don’t forget to add green plants to make it look contrast with the color of the rattan from the bench.

Comfortable impression in the living room

Rattan has a relaxed and warm feel, so it can make the living room more comfortable. Add a chandelier made of rattan material with a size that is not too big but not too small either. So that those who see it can still enjoy the visuals displayed from the rattan lamp.

Rattan and White Color

Combine natural rattan furniture with white furniture and other decorations. This combination will give a clean impression to the room. Matching rattan chairs add charm and create a unique theme for any room in the house.

Kid’s toys in an empty corner

If in the house there are rooms that are rarely used, for example the kitchen area is quite large, or the side of the family room still looks empty, then these spaces can later be used as children’s playrooms. Beautify the corner of the empty space with safe and comfortable children’s toys. Children’s toys will attract the attention of other furniture in the room.