Furniture Manufacturing is around the world; over the last 25 years in the UK popularity in flat pack furniture has grown as IKEA stores popped up all over the UK. The only difference is you have to put the furniture together yourself.

Although people were buying “Swedish” furniture from Ikea the supply chain is actually from over 50 countries, many of which are developing countries so that Ikea can keep the price down. In fact China accounts for 2 and a half times as much supply as Sweden itself.

Recently there has been a backlash at buying goods manufactured in China; people have been boycotting Chinese made goods due to concerns for the Chinese worker. But also that products and furniture made in China are not good quality.

Judging The Furniture Quality

So how do judge if a piece of furniture or a sofa is good quality? Is it just on looks ? The secret is… what’s inside counts.

How long a sofa will last is hugely dependent on the frame; the skeleton of the sofa. A high quality sofa will have a strong and sturdy one.

A sturdy frame provides a structure for good seating support; it shouldn’t sag, but provide good support in the seat and in the back. You can’t just sit on a sofa frame therefore another key to a good quality sofa is the filling. If you want a really soft seat then consider down cushions. These are considere to be the premium choice, and as you might imagine they are also among the most expensive.

Quality furniture doesn’t come cheap, good quality furniture requires continual research and being up to date with the latest news in the furniture manufacturing world but you have to buy the best quality that you can afford.

Essentially a good piece of furniture can come from China or from Ikea, the key to whether you think it is good is, it is fit for its purpose and will it stays durable for an acceptable amount of time.

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