The following are stunning ideas for transform your home with rattan so that it becomes a nice wicker feel. Your home is due for a makeover, but you want more than just a paint and new pillows. You want something different. Have you ever thought about bringing materials that are growing natural outside to the inside? We would love to open your mind to rattan. Today, the trend has shifted to low-cost mass-produced furniture that made to replace. There are now lots of eco-friendly furniture options that are sustainable, safe for the environment, and suitable for any homeowner’s unique style with natural rattan material. Their natural appeal is irresistible, and they can be manipulate into a variety of designs. Check out these five amazing ideas for transforming your home with rattan.

Rattan Chairs

A chair is one of the basic pieces of furniture without which it is difficult to imagine a house. Above all, it should be functional and comfortable, but ideally, if it also serves as a beautiful decoration, consistent with the style of the arrangement of the room. Bring a little nature into your home with our comfortable rattan chairs. Rattan chairs are made from renewable natural materials, many of which are hand-woven by skilled craftsmen, making each rattan chair unique. You may even want to consider placing a wicker chair on your dining table, home office desk, or dresser for a unique and welcoming look.

Rattan Coffee Table

Add a rustic touch to your living room by bringing home a beautiful coffee table featuring natural rattan. The coffee table is able to coordinate well with all other furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. It offers a relaxed, tropical vibe. Some of the rattan coffee tables have a storage area beneath the glass top to store magazines. The rattan coffee tables come in gorgeous different rattan finishes.

Rattan Lamp

Lamps provide a sophisticated feel to your home and make a difference from the normal basic designs. Decorate your rooms with the lamps that add character and different styles to your home. There is no rule that says that all rooms must be similar to each other dare to make your home different and creative in each room individually, if you feel that it reflects your taste. Rattan is lightweight and flexible, so lamp designs can range from tightly woven to open and geometric, allowing you to explore different design statements from coastal casual to boho chic. Wicker lamps are a bit denser, giving a substantial look. With several shapes and sizes to choose from in either material, there is something to fit your style and space perfectly.

Nook Chair

A versatile chair that can be used in any room in your home. Place it in your living room where it will complement a fabric sofa, use it in the bedroom to create a stylish reading nook or place it in the corner of an open space for you to sit and read your book. Chairs with rattan material can sometimes give a natural impression when we place them outdoors. A comfortable place when you want to relax, be alone without being disturbed by anyone and anything. Enjoy a chair made of rattan with ultimate comfort.

Rattan Toys

The perfect combination of boho and chic, it’s a look that works with pretty much any aesthetic. While we love rattan for the element of style it brings, we mostly love it because it’s a sustainable, eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative to mainstream plastic toys. If you are looking for natural and sustainable kid’s toys. You can choose toys for your kids that are made from sustainable materials such as rattan. With beautiful and varied designs, kid’s toys can stimulate your kid’s creativity and imagination.

That’s the ideas to transform your home with Rattan Furniture that you can use as a reference for decorating your home.