What is difference between indoor and outdoor furniture ? – Furniture is a very important part of our life. We can see it anytime and anywhere. What’s more, furniture decorates our homes, our streets, our gardens and so on. However, did you know that furniture divided into two types, Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture? One of the basic differences between outdoor and indoor furniture is that the former can be used both inside and outside, while indoor furniture can only be used inside the home or office. Apart from the obvious, there are many differences between indoor and outdoor furniture.

The Materials

There are many materials used in today’s furnishings, both for the inside and the outside. Wood, for example, is a popular one and there are many options for this material. There are also Aluminum, plastic, resin or rattan tables and chairs, and heavy metal decor all of which can look and feel great on any patio.

The Weather

Strong and durable materials such as certain types of wood, which outdoor furniture is made of, last longer. For example, teak is a brilliant type of wood that used to make several pieces of furniture for outdoor use. The teak wood also can be combine with others material that have good of resistant to all weather such as synthetic rattan. It consists of several characteristics such as being aesthetically pleasing, strong, durable and adaptable. This particular wood can withstand most elements no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or sunrise.


Even though cost outdoor is more than indoor seems to cost more , no matter where you are going to shop for each one. It will be worth with the appearance, outdoor furniture generally offers more functionality than indoor furniture as well as more versatility. When setting up your space in the house, you will most likely need to spend a few extra money on everything. Patio pieces will usually be priced according to functionality and custom made, as opposed to the better dining tables and chairs you would buy for the inside dining area.


You can immediately distinguish indoor furniture from furniture made specifically to withstand the beautiful outdoor elements. Indoor furniture has a more “soft”, slick look when compared to outdoor lounge chairs, benches, etc.

The Function

While indoor and outdoor furniture made for something like sitting offer great comfort, indoor furniture made to look much more comfortable. Usually, because you probably won’t be sitting on a teak park bench for hours watching television. Outdoor furniture also offers more functionality. Brings comfort and function to your patio or patio. This allows your indoor room to move outdoors. Like a weather-resistant table and chairs, or a relaxing rocking chair that creates great comfort.

Types and varieties of material

The types and varieties of material used in indoor versus outdoor furniture vary. Medium-strength woods, synthetic rattan or ropes are preferred for the outdoors are complement by outdoor natural shades to blend in and complement the outdoor environment. Indoors you’ll love the mahogany, natural rattan, etc. Which accentuate the preference for natural ambience that have a little more detail in their appearance.