Decorating your garden, patio, conservatory and even living or dining room can be a challenge. But one of the best “green” options is to choose some rattan furniture. As not only is rattan as a material durable and very beautiful but it has many ecological benefits to it as well. So if you are looking for an ecologically friendly material choice for your new furnishings, rattan is an excellent choice.

Good Points about Green Rattan Furniture & the Environment

Rattan is one of the most interesting plants on the planet and the world’s largest supply of rattan can be found in south eastern Asian countries, particularly Malaysia & Indonesia and what makes it so unique in these areas is that rattan can only grow in the shade of other trees meaning that as long as the rattan industry needs the plants the surrounding trees won’t be cut down. That is definitely a good thing because in some parts of the aformentioned countries. The timber industry has previously threatened to destroy large chunks of the forest. Besides saving the existing forests rattan can also provide a use for areas. Where other types of crops just aren’t sustainable as this plant can grow in some difficult conditions.

Human Benefits

While choosing green rattan furniture can do wonderful things for the environment. It can also be very effective in helping the people in these areas. Unfortunately, many of the locations where rattan grows the population are facing poverty in great amounts. But as the rattan growth and harvesting industry continues to bloom, more of these people are able to find jobs and then they are able to support their families. Plus quite uniquely the jobs are helping instead of hurting the environment. By using Rattan it is a great example of how an industry can benefit people but without subsequently having to destroy or harm the natural world so that is a great reason to choose rattan for your next furniture choice.