Natural Rattan is a popular material for garden furniture due to its unique aesthetic appeal. Ease of maintenance and high level of comfort it offers. It is available in a wealth of styles and designs and can be made either from natural or synthetic rattan. They look almost identical, however, there are a few important differences between the two materials.

If you are having difficulties deciding between natural and synthetic rattan garden furniture. The following comparison of both materials may help:


It is difficult to distinguish between natural and synthetic stems at a first glance. Natural rattan and outdoor rattan look elegant and aesthetically appealing. And are easily can combining with both traditional and contemporary garden style. Many people, however, consider the natural version more elegant and classy than the synthetic one. All natural materials have a unique aesthetic appeal but it is important to be aware that many cannot withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and natural rattan is no exception. It is prone to mould and rot if exposed to moisture, while direct sunlight expose causes color fading.


Garden furniture must not only look beautiful but it also must provide a high level of comfort. The material from which the furniture is create plays an important role in its comfort but there is no significant difference between natural and synthetic rattan garden furniture, especially if you add cushions and pillows on it.


Both materials are very durable, however, there is one important difference between them. While the synthetic version is typically weather-proof, the natural one is not. As a result, synthetic rattan garden furniture provides an elegant and comfortable place to sit for a longer period of time than the natural version.

Care and maintenance

Because garden furniture is often in extreme conditions, it requires more care and maintenance than indoor furniture. Weather-proof materials such as synthetic rattan, however, require only occasional cleaning to keep them in top shape. Garden furniture which is made from the natural version, on the other hand, must also be protected from unfavourable weather either by periodic treatment with protective lacquer or physical protection such as covering it with a water-proof garden cloth or storing it indoors during bad weather and winter months.


The price factor always plays an important role in the selection of furniture. Pieces of furniture made from synthetic materials are usually cheaper than those from natural materials.This, however, is not necessarily the case when it comes to synthetic rattan garden furniture the price of which mainly depends on quality of the material used.

Which type of rattan garden furniture to choose is of course completely up to your personal preferences. But considering that the natural version cannot withstand the harsh outdoor conditions without some sort of protection, you are recommended to consider choosing a quality synthetic rattan. It is particularly a good choice if you would simply like to enjoy the beauty and comfort of your garden furniture without the need to worry about the effects of the outdoor elements on its aesthetic appeal, comfort and durability.