Indonesia Rattan Manufacturers

Cirebon Rattan is an rattan manufacturers Company in Rattan Furniture Export from Cirebon, Indonesia. We have a variety of natural rattan products, ranging from rattan chairs, rattan tables, rattan living sets, rattan dining sets, bassinet rattan and others.

Rattan Manufacturers in Indonesia

Rattan manufacturers Indonesia is well known with their quality. Indonesia is also well known as the biggest rattan furniture vendor for worldwide market, and cirebon rattan is one of them. Approximately 80% of rattan material are come from Indonesia, it comes from rattan Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Papua island.

However, the rattan manufacture itself is not located at the breeding site, but in the city of Cirebon, Indonesia. Cirebon has many rattan craftsmen who are able to make the design of your rattan products real. If you plan to visit the Indonesian rattan furniture manufacturing center, you can contact us. We will show you the magnitude of rattan manufacturing and crafts in Cirebon.

Price Competition in Rattan Manufacture

There are a lot of price competition from rattan manufacturers Indonesia. They are offering lowest prices in order to get deal with customer. But, it much better you have to check directly the quality. Sometimes they have very low prices but low quality , of course this is not good. If you do not have time to visit rattan manufacturers you want to order, you can contact us and asking for more information. We are located in Cirebon and know well about this city and the factory in this area.

Rattan manufacturer in Indonesia is also has a low season. In the year 2003-2006 rattan furniture industries in Indonesia is growing about 0,38% every year. But the total amount is rising from $359 million to $399 million from 2003-226. It means that the price value of export is increasing.

Indonesia Rattan Manufacture Problems and Solved

In the year 2007, rattan industri in cirebon is facing big problem. They difficult to find the good rattan material in Indonesia. Rattan manufacturers Indonesia usually send about 120 containers in a month but, in the year 2007 they only send about 15-20 containers a month. Some rattan manufacturer also closed during the season. The other effect is the craftsman, they lost the jobs because no activity from the company. In other side, banking is faced problem with this situation also, they can get back the money from the loan.

But now, Rattan manufacturers Indonesia is become raise. There a lot of request from Europe and also from asia. We also have many request from Asia, especially from Malaysia and Vietnam. Their rattan bussiness is also growing.

We supply many models of rattan furniture, we accept for custom design. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.