Rattan Baby Bassinet, Design and Price

Masha-Doll-Bassinet-with-Cushion-detail | Cirebon Natural Rattan Bassinet Kid's Furniture

Rattan Baby Bassinet is indeed very high in demand now. A variety of designs and prices are offered by sellers to meet buyer demand. Starting from rattan bassinet boat shape to oval shape. Starting from the price of 50 USD to reach thousands of USD, depending on the design of the rattan bassinet itself.

We also sell a variety of best seller designs at the best prices we can give you. Designed to perfectly follow the wishes of the buyers and adjust to the safety of your baby.

Many sellers only provide unique designs without considering the safety of the baby in a bassinet. In addition, it is also necessary to think about the comfort of the baby while sleeping in the bassinet rattan.

You can choose and customize your rattan bassinet orders through the kid’s furniture category on our website, then contact us for catalogs or other details about our kid’s furniture.

Determining Rattan Kids Furniture that is suitable for your kid’s room can be very fun and full of adventure. Starting from matching colors with the kid’s character, or design shapes that are loved by kid. You will see many choices and designs offered from various furniture manufacturers in the market.

However, Cirebon Rattan through this category offers a large selection of Rattan Kids Furniture. We are welcome if you are an importer, project manager, wholesaler, retailer or personal use to complete your furniture stock.

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