When summer arrives is the right time to start maintenance wicker furniture. Wicker furniture can decorate your love-house with special pastorals and avant-garde elements. As everybody knows that wicker furniture gains its great popularity not only for its a variety of styles and designs, but also for its long service time. If taken care well, rattan furniture can last for a very long time. However, it not, this kind of furniture will shorten its service life only to the one-third or two-thirds of the original service life it should have. To make your wicker furniture last for a longer time, here are some useful tips for you to maintain your sweet rattan furniture well. Please do follow them.

Keep in a cool and dry place and avoid storage in direct sunlight or near sources of heat

The strong ultraviolet rays from the sun will change the properties of cane and make it brittle. Prolonged solar radiation will turn white wicker furniture into yellowing, make shiny brownish-red Akato rattan furniture partial fading and high expensive bamboo and cane furniture to become dry, loosened and disengaged.

Therefore, avoiding direct sunlight in very important for rattan furniture in Spring, Summer and Autumn. You can use semi-transparent white gauze curtains to protect your rattan furniture from strong direct sunlight. Meanwhile, it will not affect the indoor lighting.

Another important thing you should pay extra attention is to avoid your wicker furniture being close to sources of heat. If the rattan furniture is close to the sources of heat, you will find soon that it will become very dry and brittle. And the toughness will be very bad and hard to restore.

To sum up, to be sure to keep in mind all the time that wicker furniture must be far away from the sources of fire and heat. If you need to place very hot items such as hotpot and earthen pot, please place a heat pad in advance.

Ventilation must be ensured

The cross section of rattan is fully covered with fine catheter so that wicker furniture can absorb an amount of water. But if your furniture absorbs too much water, it will become soft, loose and sagging plane. And it is easy for fungus to grow in the woven mesh.

Therefore, ventilation of wicker furniture is very important, especially in rainy season.You can clean your rattan furniture on a sunny day. But please keep in mind that do not place your wicker furniture in your sunny porch and make them be shined suddenly and violently. If you do that, it is very easy for rattan furniture to deform in a high rate and even fracture.

Avoid damp deformation

When you put books on the wicker bookcases, keep the both two sides are heavy and the intermediate is light. By this way, you can protect your bookcase from deforming.

There is a goodness of rattan furniture. It if that it can restore to its original form after damp deformation. You only need to fix it to its original shape and dry it. When rattan furniture sags because of damp, you can try your best to reduce its load. Hold it up cleverly and evenly to make it keep the original shape and avoid space deformation. As for chairs, you can push a square stool or a storage box under the chair. This helps hold up the surface, making the wicker chair dry and avoiding deformation.

Professional painting

All wicker furniture need painting after dry and sanding for maintenance. Frankly speaking, DIY at home is not a very good choice for wicker furniture. You had better to send your good furniture to some professional paint factories and let them paint your furniture with professional spraying equipment. By doing this, you can make sure that all corners and recesses can be painted evenly and no darker emboss and white pits. Before painting, check carefully the PU content in the paint. Some bad paints contain too much PU just in order to make the rattan furniture dry quickly. These kinds of paint will bring the wicker furniture a layer of light glare and make your rattan furniture very shuttle. Also it will affect the natural breathe of your it.

To make resistant from damage

If your wicker furniture is damaged by worms, put some little pockets filled with roasted wild pepper and salt into the borer holes for maintenance works. And cover it with plastics. After 24 hours, irrigate the borer holes partially and dry it with a soft towel.

Now begin to look after your wicker furniture well! Let your wicker furniture decorate your love-house well in a unique and special way!

Wicker Furniture Recommendation with Simple Maintenance for You