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Rattan Wicker Furniture Secret

Rancangan-Dining-Set | Rancangan Rattan Dining Set | Wicker Dining Set | Dining Table with Dining Chair

Rattan Wicker Furniture is very flexible and sturdy. Nowadays it is one of the most popular. Made of wicker or rattan fiber, somewhat it is similar to bamboo, but is empty in the middle. The flexibility of the rattan can make these materials very suitable for furniture. You can easily bending and forming it into […]

What is Wicker Furniture Mean

Doll Pram Jess Natural Rattan kid's furniture Front Detailed View | Doll Pram Jess Wicker Rattan kid's furniture Front Detailed View

First, what exactly is wicker? Most people thing that wicker is a type of material for furniture, such as a vine growing in the tropics. The materials used in what we call wicker furniture is either a flexible rattan, willow, bamboo, reeds or a synthetic fiber of polyethylene. The synthetic polyethylene fiber is resin wicker […]

Buying Wicker and Natural Rattan Furniture

Kuga Rattan Dining Set | Dining Set Furniture | Dining Furniture | Furniture Cirebon | Rattan Cirebon | Dining Rattan Cirebon | Kuuga Wicker Rattan Furniture

Wicker and natural rattan are two different words that are often interchangeably. Usually, you would expect to see similar wicker rattan furniture that can describe using these two terms. However, if you want to be specific about things, then the two words can mean different things. Strictly speaking, rattan refers to the materials to produce […]

Wicker Rattan Furniture Distributing Step by Step

Chair Indonesia Natural Rattan | Sienna Rattan Wicker Furniture Manufacture

Are you a furniture dealer? Perhaps you may wish to consider distributing wicker rattan furniture. What are the advantages of selling rattan furniture? How do the margins look like? Let’s discuss these issues in this article. About rattan furniture. In general, there are two types of rattan – natural and synthetic. Both has its own […]

Reasons Why You Would Love Using Natural Rattan Furniture

Noura Dining Set | Indonesia Natural Rattan | Natural Rattan | Indonesia Rattan | Rattan Dining Set | Dining Furniture Rattan

You will come across so many pieces of natural rattan furniture from different parts of the world. Where manufacturers and retailers claim that they have the best variety. As the prices of wooden furniture is hiking up these days, rattan furniture is coming up with a great alternative for households, offices and hospitality industry. Here […]

Tips To Maintenance Wicker Furniture

Bench add with 2 trunks | Natural Rattan Bench | rattan Bench | Wooden Bench

When summer arrives is the right time to start maintenance wicker furniture. Wicker furniture can decorate your love-house with special pastorals and avant-garde elements. As everybody knows that wicker furniture gains its great popularity not only for its a variety of styles and designs, but also for its long service time. If taken care well, […]